About Us

evën sh'siyah is composed of six musicians from Chicago:
Elisha Prero (guitar); David Margulis (bass); Ely Cooper (guitar); Mitch Jacoby (guitar); Matt Kanter (drums); and Mark Freedman (keyboards).

evën sh'siyah blends original music with words taken from an array of classic Jewish texts as well as their own English lyrics. The band's music is quite modern yet evokes the feeling of prayer, inspired by the sounds of folk rock. They have been playing together for over twenty years and have released four CDs:




evën sh'siyah has performed at university campuses, music festivals, synagogues, and clubs both in the United States and in Israel.

evën sh'siyah is Hebrew for "foundation stone". According to Jewish tradition, the original element of the Creation was this primordial stone, from which the entire world came into existence.